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My Amazing Body

New research by Whitworths Bright Little Nuts reveals kids’ confusion about their bodies and nutrition.

Survey of 1000 six to nine year olds found:
16% say that eating sugar before bed gives you nightmares. 4% believe telling lies can make you put on weight, and 6% believe there are calories in the air. Whist 51% know protein repairs muscles, 14% think it helps you see in the dark.

Although nearly 95% of children agree healthy eating and exercise are important, they struggle to understand how their bodies work according to new research out today by Whitworths.

The survey of 1000 six to nine year olds found that whilst over half of children (51%) knew that protein built and repaired muscles, they also believed protein can make you smarter (42%), can help you see in the dark (14%) and can even make you smell nice (4%).

Findings also revealed that 70% of youngsters think you should not eat carbohydrates more than twice a day, even though over 80% don’t know what a carbohydrates is. Additionally, children also struggled to understand the important role of fats in a healthy diet, with 38% stating that you should avoid eating fat as much as possible.

When questioned further, 99% of children understood that eating healthy does something for them but 70% of children didn’t think eating healthily now would impact on their health as an adult. Instead they said their motivation for eating healthy came from wanting to be big and strong (78%), to make them better at sports (43%) and to make them smarter (42%).

With so much conflicting health advice, it’s perhaps not surprising that 1 in 20 kids believe there are calories in the air you breathe, nearly one in five (18.6%) think you can eat as much chocolate as you like provided you exercise and 16% believe that eating too much sugar before bed gives you nightmares.

In an effort to help educate kids and inspire them to choose healthier food options, Whitworths has launched the ‘My Amazing Body’ campaign to celebrate the launch of its new healthy snack range, Bright Little Nuts. The campaign aims to give children and parents the tools they need to make learning about the body a regular and fun activity, with each pack containing ‘My Amazing Body’ collectable cards as well as an interactive new website that plays host to a range of educational games.

In addition to providing handy tools and healthy snacks designed especially for children, Whitworths is also teaming up with mums across the UK to spread the word on the importance of educating children on their bodies and the resources available to help them do this.

As an ambassador for the campaign, Celebrity Master Chef winner and mother of two, Angelica Bell interviewed children aged between 5 and 12 years old to find out first hand what they knew about their bodies:

Angelica says: “Growing up, I didn’t have an understanding of healthy eating, and I suffered with body confidence issues as a result. As a young adult I taught myself to cook healthy recipes and understand more about how food fuels the body. Now, as a parent, I spend a lot of time teaching my own kids about food, health and how their bodies work to make sure they’re more switched on than I was at their age. Interviewing the children as part of this campaign has been fun but eye opening. Children have the most inquisitive minds and as parents, by helping them to learn at an early age about their bodies we can ensure they make informed decisions as they get older”.

Nutritionist Charlotte Sterling-Reed has also backed the campaign, she says: “with one in three children obese it’s clear that parents are finding it harder than ever to choose healthy snacks kids will eat. Nuts are a great option, as not only are they tasty and filling, they’re also low in salt and sugar and high in the vitamins and minerals that growing children need.”

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Marketing Director, Phil Gowland from Whitworths says: “Here at Whitworths, we are passionate about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, never more so than for children. We believe that understanding about your body is the key to living a healthy lifestyle, which is why we’re trying to help make learning fun by showing how interesting the body can be and how it’s influenced by the food that we eat”.

The new Bright Little Nuts range from Whitworths includes perfectly portioned packs of halved or mini almonds, cashews or hazelnuts and is available in supermarkets now.

Bright Little Nuts 20g products are now available in multipacks (x5 per box) in supermarkets from £2.59 RRP, including Tesco, Morrisons and Ocado.

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Nut Packet
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