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What does the pupil in your eye do?

Squeaks when you walk

Let’s light into your eyes

Makes tears when you cry

Stops sweat from getting in your eyes

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What is the fastest muscle in your body?

Your legs when you run

Your nose when you sneeze

Your tongue

Your eye

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Where is the smallest bone in your body?

Your ear

Your leg

Your mouth

Your rib cage

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How does your body protect your ears from dirt?

They close when you sleep

It makes wax

You use your fingers to clean them

They wiggle when you walk

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How many different smells can you detect?

One trillion

One thousand

One hundred

One million

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How many people can’t roll their tongue?

Everyone can roll their tongue

Around 90%

No one can roll their tongue

Around 30%

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How many taste buds do you have?





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What is the largest organ in the body?

Your toes

Your liver

Your heart

Your skin

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How much saliva do you produce in your lifetime?

2,500,000 litres, the same as an Olympic swimming pool

15,000, the same as 10,000 kettles

Three buckets full

20,000 litres, the same as 53 baths

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True or false, tears help you fight off bacteria



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