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Pumping blood

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How far does your blood travel each day?

1,000,000 miles

10 meters

5,000 miles

12,000 miles

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True or false, your blood contains a tiny amount of gold?



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How big is your heart?

The size of a grape

About the size of your hands clasped together

The same size as your head

The size of a dinner plate

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How many times does your heart beat each day?

10,000 times

100,000 times

250 times

50,000 times

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What is your pulse?

The sound of you breathing

The name of your joints

Movement of blood in your arteries

Where your snot comes from

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True or false, the blood in your veins is blue?



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How does your body make sure that your blood doesn’t flow the wrong way?

Your heart gives it directions

It doesn’t matter which way it flows

It has valves like tiny doors

It has a map to follow

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Why do you get brain freeze?

Your teeth get too cold

The blood vessels in your mouth tighten

Because your body loves ice cream so much

Because your brain gets cold

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True or false, your body creates 17 million blood cells every second?



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What do white blood cells do?

Makes you see in the dark

Carry oxygen to your muscles

Protect you from illnesses

Makes you happy

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