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Eating and excreting

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How much saliva do you produce in a day?

1.5 litres


A paddling pool full

An egg cup full

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What do you need saliva for?

To clean your food before you eat it

So that you can spit

To stop you needing a drink

It keeps your digestive system wet and slippery

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Where does your food journey start?

Your nose

Your mouth

Your tummy

Your hands

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How long does it take for food to travel from your throat into your stomach?

1 second

1 hour

7 seconds

An entire day

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What happens if your food goes down your windpipe by accident?

You cry

You fart

You cough

You sneeze

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What does your liver do?

It helps you breathe

It pumps blood around your body

It checks for poisons and removes them

It makes a nice hat for Halloween

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What is the digestive liquid that your liver produces called?





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How long is your small intestine?

110 meters – the average length of a football pitch

2 meters - the height of a door

6 and a half meters – the length of a bus

The length of your arm

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How can you turn your wee pink?

Wear pink underpants!

Eat lots of strawberries!

Eat lots of beetroot!

Wish really hard!

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What is the world record for having the longest wee?

2 minutes

34 minutes

1 hour

8 minutes and 46 seconds

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game nutwing