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Eating and excreting

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How long does it take for food to travel from your throat into your stomach?

An entire day

1 second

1 hour

7 seconds

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How does your body protect itself from the acid in your stomach?

Your tummy has armour

It is covered in mucus

Bacteria uses magic

Your rib bones provides a shield

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How do you know when you are hungry?

Your mouth starts to hurt

Your throat gets dry

Your feet are itchy

Your stomach sends a signal to your brain

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What does your liver do?

It checks for poisons and removes them

It makes a nice hat for Halloween

It pumps blood around your body

It helps you breathe

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What is the digestive liquid that your liver produces called?





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What can you eat to help you digest food more quickly?

Eat fruit and vegetables

Eat mud and grass

Eat bugs and worms

Eat cheese and yoghurt

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Where does your food’s journey end?

Your bottom

Your mouth

End of your toes

Your arm pit

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How can you turn your wee pink?

Wish really hard!

Wear pink underpants!

Eat lots of beetroot!

Eat lots of strawberries!

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How much wee does your kidneys produce in a day?

Two litres

A bucket full

A glass full

Ten litres

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How big are your kidneys?

About the same size as a cup or mug

About the same size as a computer mouse or mobile phone

About the same size as a snail or slug

About the same size as an apple or pear

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