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Which is smaller, your left or your right lung?



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How fast can a sneeze travel?

25 miles an hour

As fast as you can walk

Faster than a rocket

Up to 100 miles per hour

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What do the tiny hairs inside your nose do?

Clean the air that you breathe

They are just there to look good

Tickle your nose

Keep the bogies in place

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What do your ribs do?

Protect your heart and lungs

Stop you exploding when you eat too much

Make you taller

Make you ticklish

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How many ribs do you have?

8, that’s 4 on each side

9, with 4 on the left and 5 on the right

Just 1

24, that’s 12 on each side

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When do you get hiccups?

When you have eaten too much

When your Diaphragm is irritated

When you breathe in a bad smell

When you don’t get a good night’s sleep

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What is your diaphragm?

The distance around your chest

It is the name for your toes

A sheet of muscle that helps you breathe in and out

The muscles in your legs

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True or false, every person’s voice is unique?



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How does your wind pipe keep dirt out of your lungs?

It has tiny hair and mucus that traps the dirt

Bacteria cleans it with a hoover

It stays closed until you eat

It cleans itself at night when you snore

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Who can exhale faster, a child or and adult?

A child

An adult

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