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How fast can signals travel through your body through your spinal cord?

As fast a dog


At a snail’s pace


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Why are most people right handed?

Because your friends are right handed

Because the left hand side of the brain is stronger

Because their right hand is bigger

Because it is easier to hold a pen

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What does your right hand side of the brain control?

The left hand side of your body, creativity, imagination, insight, artistic skills and musical skills

Your balance, your height and your hair

Your nose, your mouth and your stomach

Your right hand side of your body, language, maths and science

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True or false, different parts of your brain control different activities?



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What are some of the things that your brain controls?

Your height

Your name, age and shoe size

Talking, moving and seeing

Your eye colour

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What is the name of the part of the brain that helps you balance?





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What sends signals to your brain to help you balance?

Your toes

Your inner ear

Your eyes

Your heart

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How many pieces of information can you hold in your memory at one time?

Everything you learnt at school

5 – 9 pieces of information

1 thing at a time

100 moments of the day

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How quickly do you forget things that are in your short term memory?

1 year

7 seconds

1 hour

15 – 30 seconds

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How does your body know to grow when you sleep?

Because the moon is out

Your body releases hormones

When the clock turns 12

When your eyes are closed

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