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Bones & muscles

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What is the only bone in the skull that moves?

Your jaw

Your teeth

Your eyes

Your ear lobes

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How many bones is your skull made from?

100 really small ones

1 big one

25 jigsaw pieces

22 bones

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Why do you have a spine?

To keep your legs on

To stop you smelling your own feet

Because otherwise you would be permanently bent over

For the food to travel to your tummy

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How many bones are there in your spine?

1 large bone


3 bones

33 small bones

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What happens when you crack your fingers?

Your fingers break

Your fingers grow

Ears pop

Gas releases from your joints

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What do your ligaments do?

Hold two bones together

Keep your teeth in place

Help you breath

Help you to sleep at night

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True or false, your bones are held in place by flexible cords called tendons?



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How many muscles do you use when you walk?

All 600

4, your two arms and legs

Over 200 muscles

Two, one in each leg

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True or false, the biggest muscle in your body is your bum!



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How many bones do you have in your body?





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